London is vibrant, unique and has so much to offer. Tailored Stay offers you a hand-picked selection of London's top Experiences. Make all booking arrangement with us, and enjoy an unforgettable London stay .  



Invite a private chef into your home for a special meal or a home cooking class.

Personal Shopping

Whatever your taste or budget we've got you covered. Book your personalised London Shopping Experience with a Personal Stylist.

Vintage Clothing Shopping Tour

Discover London's best hidden vintage clothing shops and refresh your wardrobe with a rare find.

East London

Graffiti Tour

Join a London Graffiti and Street Art Tour and discover street art in London's most vibrant and exciting neighbourhoods.

East-London Street Markets Tour

East London has a lot to offer, but one of its best known offerings is its  East End markets. From fresh flowers to steaming food and bargain clothes, enjoy a lively and diverse market experience.

Vegan Food Tour

Come hungry, wear your comfy walking shoes and join a colourful Vegan Food Tour, that takes you inside the booming vegan culture of London



Enjoy the luxurious of a home spa and beauty treatments or let us book a recommended clinic appointment for you.

Instagram and Photography Tour

Discover the most scenic and Instagram-worthy sights of London,  while you get tips on how to make the most out of your Instagram

Create Your Own Experience

Have something else in mind?
Tailored Stay team will help you get a fully customised experience, to make your travel memories last forever.

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